The Nuclear Receptor Research Network (NRRN) was founded in 2008 by Benelux researchers visiting the NR keystone symposium in Whistler. They decided to organise a local meeting focused on Benelux NR research, which has expanded with participation of researchers from other European countries. Once a year the NRRN meeting takes place in a city within the Benelux. Below you can find an overview of previous meetings.

Invited speakers NRRN2015:

Marc Lombès (FR)
Vincent Laudet (FR)
Kristina Schoonjans (CH)

Isabelle Billas (FR)
Mitchell Lazar (USA)

Invited speakers NRRN2014:

Peter Barnes (UK)
Francois Tronche (FR)
Gosse Adema (NL)
Philippe Lefebvre (FR)
Marija Krstc-Demonacos (UK)

Frank Claessens (BE)
Jorma Palvimo (FI)
Jacques Drouin (CA)
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David Ray (UK)
Evangelia Charmandari (GR)
Claude Libert (BE)
Karolien de Bosscher (BE)
Wim vanden Berghe (BE)

Tom Brown (UK)
Jan Tuckermann (DE)
Greet van den Berghe (BE)
Peter Carmeliet (BE)

Invited speakers NRRN2013:

Fraydoon Rastinejad (USA)
Saskia van Mil (NL)
Antonio Moschetta (IT)
Beatrice Desvergne (CH)

Mercedes Ricote (ES)
Hans van Leeuwen (NL)
Bart Staels (FR)

Invited speakers NRRN2012:

Lee Kraus (USA)
Chantal Mathieu (BE)
Dirk Vanderschueren (BE)
Carlie de Vries (NL)

Dino Moras (FR)
Theo Visser (NL)
Eckardt Treuter (CH)

Invited speakers NRRN2011:

Christopher Glass (USA)
Jason Carroll (UK)
Karin Dahlman-Wright (SE)
Adriaan Houtsmuller (NL)

Onno Meijer (NL)
Noam Zelcer (NL)
Maria-Christina Zennaro (FR)

Invited speakers NRRN2010:

David Moore (USA)
Eric Kalkhoven (NL)
Carsten Carlberg (FI)
Joost Martens (NL)

Claude Libert (BE)
John Schwabe (UK)
Hinrich Gronemeyer (FR)

Invited speakers NRRN2009:

John Cidlowski (USA)
Luc Brunsveld (NL)
Sander Kersten (NL)
Roger Bouillon (BE)

Erno Vreugdenhil (NL)
Becky Conway-Campbell (UK)
Karolien de Bosscher (BE)
Liesbeth van Rossum (NL)

Invited speakers NRRN2008:

Keith Yamamoto (USA)
Marian Joëls (NL)
Frank Claessens (BE)
Susanne Mandrup (DK)

Rob Michalides (NL)
Geert Carmeliet (BE)
Bart Staels (FR)