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The Bartholomeus Gasthuis

The Bartholomeus Gasthuis is the location for the Nuclear Receptor Research Network meeting on Thursday 10 November 2022.

You can find the Gasthuis in the centre of the city, less than 11 minutes’ walk from the Dom, the Cathedral, Hoog-Catherijne and the station.

The Bartholomeus Gasthuis is all about aging as pleasantly as possible. In the historic building in the heart of Utrecht, living, care and attention for a pleasant day-to-day life and health come together. The Gasthuis has 4 pillars:
• a residential care center with approximately 30 service and residential/care apartments
• 6 group homes of a maximum of 10 residents for people who need psycho-geriatric care
• 8 care hotel rooms for people who are temporarily unable to be at home alone (for example, in the run-up to and afterhospitalization or to temporarily relieve the caregiver)
• a place where local residents are also welcome. There are SalusWellnessHuys for vital, fit and well-groomed aging,Brasserie Zunte (with terrace) for meeting, eating and drinkingand a wide range of activities and performances.


Hospitality has been central to the Bartholomeus Gasthuis since 1367. The guest house has been taking care of needy and sick fellow citizens for more than six and a half centuries. Exactly as the founder, Mr Willem van Abcoude and Duurstede, intended at the time. We cherish and leverage the history and mission of being hospitable. We work according to the Utrechters-for-Utrechters principle (UvoorU). Through the business room rental of beautiful historic spaces, we can organize free activities, offer UvoorU products in the brasserie (for people with a small budget) and give the target group a discount on the room rental

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About Utrecht

Central to the celebration of 900 years 'Utrecht, City without Walls'. Utrecht is – just like in 1122 – at a switching point. As one of the fastest growing cities in the Netherlands, Utrecht combines its rich history with metropolitan renewal. The challenge is to remain a city without walls; open, hospitable and connected to each other. Everyone can interpret the concept of 'wall' in their own way, supported by four storylines: I am born, I grow, I live, I came to stay. Moreover, 'without walls' is more topical than ever: 1.5 meters from each other is the new standard. The distance forms a wall of sky and sometimes the walls come at us proverbially.

Utrecht is taking on this challenge with all the creativity and resilience that the city has. 900 years ago, Utrecht residents built a city wall for their protection and safety, but we also demolished it when a wall was no longer needed. We put the singel park back for it. Now, in the 21st century, Utrecht wants to live healthy together, with everyone, without walls.s.

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